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CV Wells has the musical version of multiple personality disorder - he creates songs in multiple genres from Folk to R&B to Gypsy and that means his audiences are taken on an unexpected journey. His songs often defy categorizing, but they will melt your heart, make you think or make you laugh. Most of all, he aims to make you glad you came out to see live music. (Scroll down for the "Back Story")

"A rare talent in songwriting with the voice to back it up. I’m thrilled to have him back on the show.”                                    Dave Congalton, KVEC920 Central Coast Talk Radio


"CV has a voice rich enough to add power to a ballad and emotive enough to communicate beyond words." 

                    Glen Starkey, New Times Magazine SLO



"I really LOVE this album.”
Rob Kimball, Pickin Up The 
Tempo, Public Radio KCBX 

CV Wells is Back From Nowhere. An up and coming, and sought after talent in his youth, fate and his own personal demons would send him on a 20 year detour away from his music. He’s now come back full circle. His recently released debut CD showcases CV's powerful vocal talent and his touching, story-driven and sometimes humorous songwriting. His unique style blends Folk and Acoustic Rock with just a hint of his Texas roots as an undercurrent. When someone asked him “Why haven't I heard of you? Where have you been?” CV said “Nowhere. But now I’m back!”                                   

                                      Sonnie Brown  

                             Broken Spoke Folk Show


CV and Bob Furgo.jpg

 Leonard Cohen's violinist, Bob Furgo joined CV at SoHo Music Club in Santa Barbara

Who The Hell Is CV Wells?

And why did he only show up a few years ago? No he wasn’t in prison. But he was imprisoned by his lack of belief in himself and his music. 

         At the age of 21, he sent a demo tape of his songs to a Hollywood producer who liked what he heard and paid to fly CV down for an audition. Crippled by massive stage fright and lack of confidence, CV picked the wrong song in the wrong key. His voice cracked and he fell apart. He was still offered a songwriter’s contract but upon returning home, the demons in his head and a disintegrating marriage plunged him into a deep depression. He never signed the contract and instead, did what many confused artists do; he ran away. 

         CV took a job on the dice tables in Lake Tahoe and proceeded to lose himself in alcohol, gambling and women. Several years later, he resurfaced with his guitar and played briefly doing cover songs in a casino band. Though his band was in high demand and well paid, it was a soul killing experience. He felt he'd once again abandoned his own music. One night, after six grueling sets, he blew out his voice. Disgusted with himself, he told the band he was through. He walked out of the casino and once again hung up his guitar. 

         A few years ago, as a much older and wiser man, he picked up his guitar with a vow to pursue his own songwriting and to never stop playing again. The result was his debut CD which he aptly named, BACK FROM NOWHERE.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.37.54 PM.png

New Duo:

Wells & van Tyn

Not Background Music

Skinny en Shot 2018-12-07 at 9.32.47 AM.

CV Wells has recently partnered with talented multi-genre violinist/vocalist Jeroen van Tyn for performances throughout the Southwest. Jeroen attended Berklee College, Cornish College of the Arts and Naropa University where he studied a range of styles from classical and jazz to klezmer and contemporary folk. He's played with the Boulder Symphony and performed at the Telluride Jazz Festival. When not performing, he teaches violin, voice and percussion at Stillwater Music Foundation, Durango.


​The unique teaming of van Tyn, a classically trained musician, with Wells, a self-taught singer/songwriter/guitarist makes for a powerful and genre-bending partnership. Commenting on working with van Tyn, Wells says, "Despite his classical training, he is a passionate innovator. We both love to explore new directions. There's some kind of special magic here." Wells is known for his soaring vocals and story-based songs. He has always written in many genres from folk-rock to musical theatre but with van Tyn on board, he says "I'm able to write and perform in an even broader range of styles including Gypsy and Celtic." Van Tyn has a busy teaching schedule but is pleased to have hooked up with Wells. "This guy's a poet," says van Tyn. "He's really saying something."

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